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Package of practices - Onion

Package of practices - Onion
Group Name : Bulb Crops
Name : Onion
Botanical Name : Allum cepa L.

The Onion (Allium cepa L), Known as Pyaz in Hindi is one of the most important commercial vegetable crops. Grown all over India. This one of the vegetables, which is exported in large quantities. Onions are used as salad and cooked in various ways in curries, fried, boiled baked, used in soup making, in pickles and for other purposes Characteristic flavour accounts for its popularity. The pungency in onion is due to a volatile oil (allyl-propyl-disulphide). The onion is rich in carbohydrates and minerals. The onions. have diuretic properties to be beneficial the digestive tract, to be good for the eyes, to act as a heart stimulant, and to be useful as an anti-rheumatic remedy.