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Nursery Management

Nursery Management of Chilli
Nursery Bed Preparation
  • The soil should be dry and ploughed thoroughly to bring fine tilth.
  • The size of the nursery to raise seedlings for planting a hectare of chilli would be 180 m x 1.2 m (divided into 3 m x 1.2 m smaller beds).
  • One cartload of well rotten powdered FYM or sieved compost should be spread and 1 kg of super phosphate is mixed thoroughly with the soil.
  • Aldrin or Dialdrin wettable powder 30 gm per bed should be applied to keep away the white ants.
  • The bed usually kept raised about 15 cm. high so as to provide proper drainage of excess water.
  • One week before sowing the soil should be sterilized by drenching with commercial formal in (formaldehyde 40%) at 1:100 dilution at the rate of 5 liter per sq/meter against damping off disease.
Disease Free Nursery Raising
  • Healthy seed should be selected for sowing.
  • The seed should be treated with Thiram @ 2g/kg of seed before sowing.
  • Continuous raising of nursery in the same plot should be avoided.
  • The top soil of nursery should be treated with Thiram @ 5g/m area of the soil and nursery should be drenched with the same chemical @ 2g/litre of water at fortnight interval.
  • Soil solarization by spreading 250 gauge polythene sheet over the bed for 30 days before sowing in summer season should be done.
  • Application of bio-control agent Trichoderma viride in soil @ 1.2kg/ha is also found effective to control damping-off to considerable extent.
  • August is the best time for planting and the next best month is September.
  • August planting gives maximum plant spread, plant height and yield